Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Denim Daze

Denim is a staple for everyone in all corners of the world, but here in Milan they take it to another level. Be it sparkly, screened, or studded, the Milano man has it. He is never afraid to show how fashionable he is and price is of no concern. His main qualm is only about whether to wear his D&G’s with red sneakers or gold.
Here we will go through the do’s and don’t of denim for the Milano man.

Denim is in every man's closet, even in the U.K. It can be done right or wrong. What is impressive about him is that he trusts his closet enough to put anything on and still look put together with minimal effort.

This is what not to do: tears, tatters, and rips. Especially if you are planning to wear metallic shoes.

Shopping Spotlight
Corso di Porta Ticinese has become a well known playground for trendy streetwear in Milan. Porta Ticinese is a strip full of restaurants, gelato vendors, and trendy apparel establishments. It is not only about fashion, but it represents an identity: edgy, bold, and confident young fashionistas. Popular stores on this strip include Franklin Marshall, Armani Jeans, Lee, B-Fly, GURU, Diesel, and GAS. The trendsetting males of Milan focus their shopping here because of its up and coming reputation and diversity of fashion.

Is The Man As Big As His Belt Buckle
Big bulky belt buckles are popular in Italy at the moment. Weather it be a monogrammed strap, or a simple 5 pounder these are both ways to show off logos. Either worn snug to the waist with the shirt tucked in or securely fastened at the hip to support a slight sag.

Curly Hair Cues
Touching isn’t always good: The more you play with your curls whether its blow drying them, scrunching them, the better chances you’ll get frizz. Try styling by twisting curls around your finger and letting them lay to air-dry.
Lay off the heat: You don't need to blow dry your hair! Keep it curly and natural here are a few ways to help give you your maximum curl.