Thursday, November 22, 2007

From The Streets To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower: Highlights From Paris

Last week The Purveyor took to the boulevard’s in the city of lights to see what was happening. From the head of menswear at Christian Lacroix to people walking the streets here are some styles to look out for:

The Typical Paris Multi Tasker and his graceful addictions:
He's doing 4 things, but you may only see 3: Drinking coffee, reading the paper, and smoking a cigarette. The 4th is looking great while doing it.

Bag Man, Bag Lady
The Murse has made it's way to Paris and take note that his bag (A Balenciaga motorcycle Le Dix, none the less) is bigger than his girlfriend's Marc Jacobs Stam bag. His over sized lapels, aviator style sun glasses, and skinny jeans call for an equally chic girlfriend.

Studying STYLE
Even starving students in Paris know how to look important. Here are a few students from ESMOD!

BHV Homme: The Disneyland of Menswear
Client space, chic furnishing, and a wide selection of lifestyle products makes any male shopper feel at home. BHV Homme supplies everything from shoes and shirts, to bottles of wine and motorcycle helmets. Not only do they carry over 150 labels like Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani, but they also offer up-and-coming designers from Paris and Milan, along with labels from other growing fashion cities.

Vintage Spotlight: Killiwatch Paris
Visit the website:

Known for its selection of new and used apparel, books, magazines, shoes and accessories this Paris fashion gem is simply an institution, which brings together hard-hitting fashionistas, located on Rue Tiquetonne in the Etienne Marce district. Not only does killiwatch house a corner of free street magazines and club flyers, the main specialty is the heaps of incredible clothing and accessories of which range from 60’s vintage gowns, to army surplus jackets and anything else that attracts these hip lovely men you see hanging around the storefront.

Spotlight: The Man Behind Menswear
This week The Purveyor travels to Paris to check in with the successful alumni at IFM, the Institut Français de la Mode. Christian Lacroix
Menswear Creative Director/Head Designer Andy Liu (pictured here, at IFM) has a philosophy that is befits an FIT graduate. He is well trained in the technical aspects of design and has a conceptual focus in menswear. After completing the graduate program at IFM, Liu has made a name for himself in the fashion industry, working at both the Lanvin and Hermés menswear departments. He has a unique inspiration when designing clothes, which is probably a large part of his success. “I take inspiration from people like Wes Anderson. There is a naturalness to his personality that I think people overlook,” Liu says. “A lot of people design after rockstars and celebrities, but people idolize them and this can take away from real creativity.”

Man Musk: The New Male Scent
French Lover was just introduced in May of 2007. This new scent has a hint of musk and moss. It's great for a first date, or even a night on the town with the boys looking for a first date; French and romantic.