Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ciao, Milano

You Look Good When You Wear It Well

Milan has all kinds of different men with different tastes. But what anyone can see is that no matter what they are wearing, the Milano man never looks less than presentable. The Diesel-clad Urbanite is complete from head to toe with his sunglasses and weathered Converse. The Fashion Forward Femme Boy joins his short shorts with his metallic jacket and full calf socks. The Boy Next Door on Bike even uses his bicycle as a fashion statement that makes him look put together naturally.

When the day turns into night the well-dressed come out to play. Where are they going to find the heat? The only answer is Plastic, an exclusive club that hand picks the prettiest people to dance in its domain. Here you will find the best-dressed people in Italy boogying to the hottest DJs around. What does being the hottest look like you ask? Here’s our show and tell…

Spotlight: La Rinascente – Rebirth of a Department Store
La Rinascente- rebirth, is a great name, since this
department store has gone through a major makeove, Each floor has been designed by a different designer, creating a different environment for each customer with different interests.
With great success comes their newest addition: the 7th floor. This
Mediterranean meeting place is a great spot to take a
breather from shopping or come just to enjoy a drink.

La Rinascente Will Suit You Too!
If you are in the market for a new suit, La Rinascente is the place to go to scope the scene for different styles and options. On the 4th floor, is where you will find quality brand names such as Valentino, Versace, Zegna, Hugo Boss, Moschino, Lanvin, and Kurt Geige. Most of these suit jackets alone are in the price range between 1000∉ and 1500∉. La Rinascente also produces a separate collection of tailored suits, made of good quality wools like mohair and cashmere. The walls and rounders are filled with different styles and classic displays of suiting for the sophisticated shopper. La Rinascente suit jackets range from 350∉ - 590∉. You can also find coordinating dress shirts, ties, and accessories.

The designer level in La Rinasciente is seriously lacking. While they have an impressive merchandise mix, it needs a severe face-lift. Shirts are piled on top of one another and the designer sections are placed all over without any thought to style or content. It almost resembles an expensive Jc Penneys without the continuity. Though La Rinasciente’s head merchandising director says, “This is because we want the customer to feel like there is enough merchandise for everyone. It is not a boutique; boutique shopping is different,” it would make sense that all of this beautiful merchandise would be given their rightful breathing space.

Socks and Sneakers
Are you tired of your polo navy mid cuff socks? If you want something fun to wear, go to the La Rinscente in Milan to find yourself a decadent pair of Gallo socks. You can find different collectable patterns to go with your shoes. A pair of Gallo socks will last for years.

Converse sneakers, Chuck Taylors to be specific, have made their way to all-stars here in Italy. The shoe has become a staple for every young Italian and can be the perfect shoe whether it’s a walk in the park or a night out at the club.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Suited: A Sporty Touch To Traditonal Taste

Suit and Sport Make Jack a Chic Boy.
Jackets seem to take another turn here in Europe. While the leaves start to fall and the weather turns grey, the men seem to take their jackets and throw it on over whatever they are wearing for the day, especially suits. Sporty jackets have become the new over-coat to tailored suits. It is the perfect mix of business and casual.

Spotlight – Via Montenapoleone

Milan’s most well known street of luxury; bursting of high-end fashion brands, Via Montenapoleone is the central street for the high end shopping community in Milan. Other well known fashion streets include Via Del Spiga, Via Sant’Andrea and Corso Venezia.. All of the major designers have their flagships here including the Armani Casa, Prada Men’s, Dior Homme, Loro Piano, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Bottega Veneta.

Photo Credit: Antonio at http://picasaweb.google.com/palumboa/Milano/photo#5118649247376805970

Oh My God, Shoes.

The comfort of the sneaker, the fierce stomp of the boot, and the slip-on dress loafers are all in this season for men’s shoes. The biggest trend for men’s shoes in Milan is having a good pair; a good pair of shoes can change how people see you. They are a symbol of status, and a symbol of personal style. Metallic sneakers and Chuck Taylor Converse can be seen side by side with Dior Homme boots and Prada loafers.

Sunglasses have always been a part of the practical man’s wardrobe, and today, they are now a fashion staple. The designer sunglass fad early this millennium started a wave of fashion do’s and do not’s in eyewear, so we have that to thank for the heightened awareness in men’s sunglasses. Designer or vintage, it is all about the silhouette and finding the right size and shape to fit the wearer’s face. Remember that not all glasses fit everyone the same, so be careful with selection. These men have made the perfect choices.

Tanning Tips: No orange!
  • Before tanning shave any areas that you would already shave: hair blocks the sun’s rays.
  • Use a loofah to rub away dead skin.
  • Moisturize. Apply moisturizer before and after you tan, to not give the look of leathered skin!
  • If you are using a tanning bed make sure you cover your crotch!!!
  • Never tan your face! You don’t want to add wrinkles to your skin, just use a bronzer.
Tanning Products:
  • Anthony Logistics for Men provides luxurious sun care products to help you get the best tan.
    • The Sun kit provides Sun Spray SPF15 (85 g/ 3 oz), Sun Stick (16.8g/ .6 oz), Oil Free Facial Lotion SPF15 (70 g/ 2.5 oz) and two BONUS After Sun Soothing Cream samples. Price $35.00
  • Dolce & Gabbana- sun milk with tanning intensifier. It has a light scent and is non oily, does not leave a greasy residue. Price: $25.00

Also take note that over tanning can result in colorful mistakes:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

From The Streets To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower: Highlights From Paris

Last week The Purveyor took to the boulevard’s in the city of lights to see what was happening. From the head of menswear at Christian Lacroix to people walking the streets here are some styles to look out for:

The Typical Paris Multi Tasker and his graceful addictions:
He's doing 4 things, but you may only see 3: Drinking coffee, reading the paper, and smoking a cigarette. The 4th is looking great while doing it.

Bag Man, Bag Lady
The Murse has made it's way to Paris and take note that his bag (A Balenciaga motorcycle Le Dix, none the less) is bigger than his girlfriend's Marc Jacobs Stam bag. His over sized lapels, aviator style sun glasses, and skinny jeans call for an equally chic girlfriend.

Studying STYLE
Even starving students in Paris know how to look important. Here are a few students from ESMOD!

BHV Homme: The Disneyland of Menswear
Client space, chic furnishing, and a wide selection of lifestyle products makes any male shopper feel at home. BHV Homme supplies everything from shoes and shirts, to bottles of wine and motorcycle helmets. Not only do they carry over 150 labels like Kenzo, Ralph Lauren, and Giorgio Armani, but they also offer up-and-coming designers from Paris and Milan, along with labels from other growing fashion cities.

Vintage Spotlight: Killiwatch Paris
Visit the website: Killiwatch.fr

Known for its selection of new and used apparel, books, magazines, shoes and accessories this Paris fashion gem is simply an institution, which brings together hard-hitting fashionistas, located on Rue Tiquetonne in the Etienne Marce district. Not only does killiwatch house a corner of free street magazines and club flyers, the main specialty is the heaps of incredible clothing and accessories of which range from 60’s vintage gowns, to army surplus jackets and anything else that attracts these hip lovely men you see hanging around the storefront.

Spotlight: The Man Behind Menswear
This week The Purveyor travels to Paris to check in with the successful alumni at IFM, the Institut Français de la Mode. Christian Lacroix
Menswear Creative Director/Head Designer Andy Liu (pictured here, at IFM) has a philosophy that is befits an FIT graduate. He is well trained in the technical aspects of design and has a conceptual focus in menswear. After completing the graduate program at IFM, Liu has made a name for himself in the fashion industry, working at both the Lanvin and Hermés menswear departments. He has a unique inspiration when designing clothes, which is probably a large part of his success. “I take inspiration from people like Wes Anderson. There is a naturalness to his personality that I think people overlook,” Liu says. “A lot of people design after rockstars and celebrities, but people idolize them and this can take away from real creativity.”

Man Musk: The New Male Scent
French Lover was just introduced in May of 2007. This new scent has a hint of musk and moss. It's great for a first date, or even a night on the town with the boys looking for a first date; French and romantic.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Denim Daze

Denim is a staple for everyone in all corners of the world, but here in Milan they take it to another level. Be it sparkly, screened, or studded, the Milano man has it. He is never afraid to show how fashionable he is and price is of no concern. His main qualm is only about whether to wear his D&G’s with red sneakers or gold.
Here we will go through the do’s and don’t of denim for the Milano man.

Denim is in every man's closet, even in the U.K. It can be done right or wrong. What is impressive about him is that he trusts his closet enough to put anything on and still look put together with minimal effort.

This is what not to do: tears, tatters, and rips. Especially if you are planning to wear metallic shoes.

Shopping Spotlight
Corso di Porta Ticinese has become a well known playground for trendy streetwear in Milan. Porta Ticinese is a strip full of restaurants, gelato vendors, and trendy apparel establishments. It is not only about fashion, but it represents an identity: edgy, bold, and confident young fashionistas. Popular stores on this strip include Franklin Marshall, Armani Jeans, Lee, B-Fly, GURU, Diesel, and GAS. The trendsetting males of Milan focus their shopping here because of its up and coming reputation and diversity of fashion.

Is The Man As Big As His Belt Buckle
Big bulky belt buckles are popular in Italy at the moment. Weather it be a monogrammed strap, or a simple 5 pounder these are both ways to show off logos. Either worn snug to the waist with the shirt tucked in or securely fastened at the hip to support a slight sag.

Curly Hair Cues
Touching isn’t always good: The more you play with your curls whether its blow drying them, scrunching them, the better chances you’ll get frizz. Try styling by twisting curls around your finger and letting them lay to air-dry.
Lay off the heat: You don't need to blow dry your hair! Keep it curly and natural here are a few ways to help give you your maximum curl.