Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ciao, Milano

You Look Good When You Wear It Well

Milan has all kinds of different men with different tastes. But what anyone can see is that no matter what they are wearing, the Milano man never looks less than presentable. The Diesel-clad Urbanite is complete from head to toe with his sunglasses and weathered Converse. The Fashion Forward Femme Boy joins his short shorts with his metallic jacket and full calf socks. The Boy Next Door on Bike even uses his bicycle as a fashion statement that makes him look put together naturally.

When the day turns into night the well-dressed come out to play. Where are they going to find the heat? The only answer is Plastic, an exclusive club that hand picks the prettiest people to dance in its domain. Here you will find the best-dressed people in Italy boogying to the hottest DJs around. What does being the hottest look like you ask? Here’s our show and tell…

Spotlight: La Rinascente – Rebirth of a Department Store
La Rinascente- rebirth, is a great name, since this
department store has gone through a major makeove, Each floor has been designed by a different designer, creating a different environment for each customer with different interests.
With great success comes their newest addition: the 7th floor. This
Mediterranean meeting place is a great spot to take a
breather from shopping or come just to enjoy a drink.

La Rinascente Will Suit You Too!
If you are in the market for a new suit, La Rinascente is the place to go to scope the scene for different styles and options. On the 4th floor, is where you will find quality brand names such as Valentino, Versace, Zegna, Hugo Boss, Moschino, Lanvin, and Kurt Geige. Most of these suit jackets alone are in the price range between 1000∉ and 1500∉. La Rinascente also produces a separate collection of tailored suits, made of good quality wools like mohair and cashmere. The walls and rounders are filled with different styles and classic displays of suiting for the sophisticated shopper. La Rinascente suit jackets range from 350∉ - 590∉. You can also find coordinating dress shirts, ties, and accessories.

The designer level in La Rinasciente is seriously lacking. While they have an impressive merchandise mix, it needs a severe face-lift. Shirts are piled on top of one another and the designer sections are placed all over without any thought to style or content. It almost resembles an expensive Jc Penneys without the continuity. Though La Rinasciente’s head merchandising director says, “This is because we want the customer to feel like there is enough merchandise for everyone. It is not a boutique; boutique shopping is different,” it would make sense that all of this beautiful merchandise would be given their rightful breathing space.

Socks and Sneakers
Are you tired of your polo navy mid cuff socks? If you want something fun to wear, go to the La Rinscente in Milan to find yourself a decadent pair of Gallo socks. You can find different collectable patterns to go with your shoes. A pair of Gallo socks will last for years.

Converse sneakers, Chuck Taylors to be specific, have made their way to all-stars here in Italy. The shoe has become a staple for every young Italian and can be the perfect shoe whether it’s a walk in the park or a night out at the club.